Bali: The Anantara Seminyak Truly Cares About You

Instagram: @anantaraseminyak

Instagram: @anantaraseminyak

It's so sad to say that it's been nearly a year since my trip to Bali and I'm now finding time to write more about it. Such is life - we get so busy with our day-to-do stuff (whatever that is!) that I find it important to sit back and think about the good times in life. 

The second leg of my Bali trip took us to Seminyak - the beach. Finally! After spending nearly a week in Ubud, we were ready to venture out for some beach living. Although I have to say - I would go back to Ubud in a heartbeat for the daily spa treatments and some of the best food I've ever had. 


We opted for a lush hotel smack dab on the beach called the Anantara. They have other locations but we chose this location as it was supposed to be a little less touristy. Upon arrival, they hit a gong to announce your arrival - as they should! We're offered up fresh, cold hand towels and fruit juice while we wait for our room. The hotel staff is one of the friendliest lot of people I've ever met (I'll explain more later on that). 


Our room was gorgeous - huge bed, balcony with a jacuzzi tub and an amazing view of the ocean. Now here's where the story begins...on our second day, we decided to rent a motorbike as all the locals made it look so easy. When you see what it seems to look like 12 year-olds flitting about in a sea of motorbikes as if it's no big deal, you think to yourself - hey, I can do this. Well, I was wrong. After my friend attempted a quick jaunt in the smoldering heat with sweat running from under her helmet, we stopped in a deserted alleyway. I thought, well, I'm tough and adventurous - how hard can it be? I started off super slow and felt like I was getting the hang of it. When I realized that I was going to have to turn the bike around and go back to the beginning of the driveway, I panicked, hit the accelerator instead of braked and the motorbike bucked me off. Luckily I had a helmet on and fell on my side. When I got up, I had a few cuts and bruises on my hands, arms and then I noticed a big gash right underneath my right knee. It started bleeding a lot so I wrapped my sarong around it as a makeshift tourniquet. When I returned to my friend, we went back to the hotel where the entire front hotel staff hurried around me and called a doctor.

Within half an hour, the doctor and nurses were in my hotel room stitching up my leg and that was it. I had a couple of days to still go at the hotel, hobbling around, and whenever I ran into any of the hotel staff, they all asked how I was doing. Even at breakfast, the general manager of the hotel came up to our table, introduced himself and talked to me about my crash. Come to find out, too, that during the hotel staff's morning briefing, they had talked about me so that's why everyone knew about my incident. It made me think this is what a celebrity feels like visiting a hotel but for the wrong reason. 

That being said - the Anantara in Seminyak holds a special place in my heart. I encourage anyone to visit as you'll receive the most amazing and truly caring service. Not to mention, the spa treatments are amazing!