The Body Shop's Lip & Cheek Doll Stain


Hey, hey, hey! I have to say that I scored finding this cute lil' product called the Lip & Cheek Doll Stain by The Body Shop. When I last read about it, it was all the rage, er, perhaps last year, and then I scrambled to find it in stores. I finally came across it on sale for $10 in the Houston airport. 

It's the cutest bottle ever, perhaps I'm biased as I think I look similar to it. Just pull out the felt tip wand and apply to lips and cheeks. Make sure you don't have any lip balm on or the color won't set on your lips like it should. Blending is fairly easy on your cheeks although instead of using my fingers, I opt for the larger end of a beautyblender. The color lasts for quite a few hours which was quite impressive. My skin tends to be a bit on the drier side so maybe that's why the longevity of the product worked well. Nonetheless, this product is worth it as it works double-duty and provides a fresh-faced hue to your cheeks and pout.