Skincare: Nature Republic

I've recently become obsessed with skincare products which was particularly sparked after my first trip ever to Seoul, my homeland.  Seoul is THE skincare capital of the world and they take this stuff seriously. 

I mean, come on - how could you not trust these guys?!?

I stuck out looking like an uber Cali girl with my tan as everyone there covered up from the sun even to the extent of offering whitening products.  After perusing my tenth store, I was sold and wanted in on this action.  I didn't care if my face ended up being as white as Michael Jackson's and btw, it did not at all.  I purchased this product by the Nature Republic called Whitening Collagen Dream 70 and am loving it.  I just put it on at night but feel like it's helped clear up acne scars and just improved the way my skin looks.  If you're looking to check out a new face lotion, try this one!