Battin' My Lashes

Anyone who knows me, knows that I can speak at length about my obsession with lashes, mascara and now lash extensions.  Although I'm a bit scared to try the latter as I hear your real lashes fall out, I've been experimenting with loads of mascaras to see which ones work best on asian lashes.  My seoul sistahs out there and other fellow asian gals understand my pain on our short, straight lashes - they're just plain sad.  I did use Latisse for a bit and it worked great although it would make my eyes red as if I were stoned all the time.  LOL

One of my all-time fave mascaras is DiorShow Mascara by Dior Beauty.  The wand is big and fluffy and the scent of the mascara wafts a slight rose scent.  Could be just me, though!  I opt for the non-waterproof version in Black (090). It seriously thickens and lengthens without masses of clumps. Try it out and stay tuned for more of my mascara obsessions...!