It All Starts With ISWAI

I've recently added the british reality show "Made in Chelsea" to my obsession list.  It's on the Style Network and is "scripted" reality show based on 20-something socialites living in Chelsea in London.  One of the cast members is a girl named Caggie Dunlop who started up a fashion brand called ISWAI (It Starts With An Idea).  It's actually a very cool concept as it is a community open to artists to showcase their work. 

Dunlop describes ISWAI as "...a place for young designers/artists to share and develop their talent. The concept behind ISWAI is a limitless one, which will continue to grow as new people continue to get involved.  The possibilities for ISWAI are endless as it’s in the hands of the youth of today, so get involved everyone!" 

Click here for a BTS video, too!