High-Tech Chic with a Carmen Steffens Leather Ipad Cover

I recently attended a Beauty Brunch at Exhale Spa in Hollywood and received a gorgeous leather ipad cover by the brand Carmen Steffens.  How cute is this? (Please disregard the fingerprints on my ipad, oops! - see below)  It's my new favorite item - especially when I travel.  I seriously think everyone will be jealous.

To be honest, I didn't know much about this designer.  Turns out, the company is based in Sao Paolo and was created in 1993 by entrepreneur Mario Spaniol who has a vast knowledge of high quality leather and turned his passion into created handbags and shoes (and much more!). Since then, Carmen Steffens has grown internationally with 250 stores - one which is located right at Hollywood and Highland.

I took a gander at the website and started drooling over the cutest sandals and flats like these...can't wait to check out the store!