L.A.R.K. - Who Goes There?

 "Little Freshman" - Small Triangle Wristlet
(sold out - of course! figures!)

Perhaps one of the cutest little bags I've seen recently - allow me to introduce you to L.A.R.K.which cleverly stands for "Life's A Real Kaleidoscope".  I saw this designer in a recent DailyCandy email.  Ching-Ching Ng creates limited edition bags, each personally handcrafted by the designer herself in her Malaysian studio.  How did she discover her passion for sewing handbags?  Here's a blurb from her bio:

"I started sewing my own bags when I was in primary school, and the sewing machine would always be at my (horrible) mercy as I would try to feed different materials through the machine to see if it could be sewn. 

I chanced upon some pleather at the end of 2011 when I was looking for materials for my DIY blog, and started making jewelry with it. Eventually I went back to my first love-- sewing bags."  
Three cheers for L.A.R.K.!

"Spark" - Medium Angular Clutch
(sold out - argh! love this one!)