Superman Strength SpaRitual Lacquer Remover Cloth

Don't you love it when a product over delivers well above and beyond your own expectations?  Much like many of you nail art enthusiasts, you well know that removing glitter polish off your nails can be quite challenging and rather annoying.  My drugstore brand nail polish remover was not doing the trick and I was so over it.  I remembered that I had a sample packet of SpaRitual's Nail Lacquer Remover Cloth

I was definitely skeptical given that this product is a vegan, paraben-free remover thinking that there's no way this pure and natural product will do me any good.  Lo and behold, this little beauty worked like a flash.  It removed that stubborn glitter polish in one fell swoop.  I was floored!  The little cloth was sturdy enough to remove polish off all ten nails.  WOW, is all I can say!!  Get these little remover cloths - well worth the $ and you can easily travel with them when you're feeling spontaneous and want to change your nail polish in a flash.  And you'll feel better about it knowing that it's a 100% vegan product.