The Biking Gear That Could Have Been - By Lululemon

It was a memorable Memorial Day weekend of relaxing and spending time with friends.  As you can tell, I took the bloody holiday off.  On Sunday, I took a bike ride with my friend Darryl and my toy poodle, Freddy.  Admittedly, I am not one for fancy workout gear and when you bike, you want to look cute yet slightly athletic.  I did none of the above (and failed miserably as a fashionista jock!) so I thought about what I would wear the next time I went on a fun bike ride.  I immediately thought of Lululemon, who has the best gear for everything.  Here's what my outfit would consist of: the Runbeam Short Sleeve which contains a UPF of 50+ to protect from the sun.  

These Groovy Run Shorts in Green/Fresh Teal. 

A Classic Cap in White. 

 And this incredibly adorbs, Rally Bag sans the tennis accoutrements because I do not play tennis.

And there you have it.  Next up, designer bike...!