Happy in Lash Love

If you know me (and even if you don't, you're about to find out!), then you know that I'm obsessed with lashes, mascara, the whole shebang.  Hey, I'm asian and trying to work with what I got but every now and then, you need a little help.  My help came in the form of this life-saving gal, Angelica Tapia.  My new lash artist!  For nearly years I've been obsessing over getting lash extensions and finally after a huge push and great referral - I did it today!!  I wasn't sure what to expect but was very excited to finally say goodbye to my stick straight, short lashes.  

Upon arriving, I notice that it almost looks like you're getting a facial sans all the gear.  She has you lay down on a padded massage table, face up, of course.  Then, she helps you figure out the right length that you'll feel comfortable with and off you go.  It's oddly relaxing just lying there, having her affix each lash.  Time flies and after two hours (for my first application) I glance in the mirror and check out my new "eyes".  I immediately fall in love with my new lashes and am already calculating all the time I'll be saving by not having to apply mascara.  Well, I may add some in on the lower lashes but still, time is saved and glamour is added in a flash!

Check out my before and after:

Check out Angelica on Facebook and also her website (ummm, did I mention that she's a health and wellness coach?!?).    Tell her I sent you - she's the best!!!