SJP Launches A Shoe Line

Cue the "SATC" jingle-y theme...and naturally you think of Carrie Bradshaw with her fashion funky forward outfits and well, the shoes, shoes, shoes...!  One might wonder how a columnist could afford so many designer shoes, but come on, it's a fictional show.  Carrie Bradshaw was a fashion pioneer of the '00's as we fell in love with Choos, Blahniks and Louboutains. 

And now...the moment everyone has been waiting for, Sarah Jessica Parker is coming out with her own shoe line (plus handbags and a few trenchcoats) titled "SJP" to be sold exclusively at Nordstrom early next year.  She's working in tandem with the head of Manolo Blahnik (of course she is!) for her shoe collection and I'm dying for a pair already.  Yay, SJP!!