The 5er: Global Pro Lead Artist Lori Taylor for Smashbox Cosmetics

She's sassy, beautiful, hilarious and freaking smart!  Drum roll, please...allow me to introduce you to the Global Pro Lead Artist for Smashbox Cosmetics Lori Taylor.  As a youngster, she would watch her grandmothers prepare to go out in their various make-up and wardrobe donning attire from the 50's to the 70's.  When the 80's rolled around, Taylor was hooked and bit by the make-up bug.  These days you can find Taylor heading up make-up and fashion shows and you name it around the world for one of the top cosmetics brands in the world, Smashbox Cosmetics.  And not a bad place to be as this company was created by Max Factor's great-grandsons, Dean and Davis Factor. 

"The 5er" sits down with Taylor to chat about how her family inspired her to become a make-up artist, if she's Team BB or Team CC and why, and what she likes to do when she's just chilling.

How did you fall into the world of beauty and become a make-up artist?
I've always had an obsession with make-up.  My grandmothers were ladies that went out in the 50's,  60's and 70's so they had make-up, wigs, slips, perfume - the whole womanly arsenal.  All the things that being a woman meant.  I used to watch them get ready and was just fascinated by the process.  I'm a child of the 80's so Boy George and MTV were also a big influence. I would tear through mags and want do what I saw on the pages like W & Vogue.

What do you think it is about Smashbox that sets itself above and beyond it's competitors?
Smashbox is the ONLY make-up brand backed by a fashion photographer's studio so everything comes from fashion and the visual experience.

Ummm, I saw your cute video (and your dancing!) on the Smashbox website.  So tell me, are you Team BB or Team CC?
I'm team CC.  As I age, I'm starting to see the signs of sun the 80's we didn't know anything about SPF and sunscreen.

From the day I first met you, you have and always been ab-fab to me. What is your life motto because you're always so gosh darn happy and sassy?!?
I like to think of myself as a "go with the flow," anything in the world is possible as long as you give it your all.  I've had to learn about patience and perseverance the hard way - as a matter of fact, I'm still learning!  I'm a true optimist, positivity is power! I sound like a hippie.

When all is said and done for the day and you've let your hair down to relax, what do you and the new hubby (congrats!) do for fun in LA?
We're true foodies so we like to try new restaurants in LA and if there any type of good live music playing - it's a plus.  We also like to entertain at home, our friends are our extended family.

Check out Lori's tips on taking the best photos (aka selfies!):