Love This Booty-liciousness From Forever 21

I spotted these cute booties at Forever 21 a couple of days ago and just wasn't in the mood to go on a search in the store for them.  Sometimes, it's just system overload when I'm in there.  Which is why online shopping is the best invention ever!!  I love the gold studs and buckled ankle straps of these High-Voltage Faux Leather Booties which make them double cute to wear with a short skirt or skinnies. 

Often I refer to Marni Girl for a second opinion and here's how our conversation went:

MG:  Cute but your feet will sweat like no one's biz.  All synthetic material.
WLW:  True, true but we asians don't sweat so I might be okay for one season. LOL
MG:  That's the best answer ever.

So, there you have it.  I'm sold!  These ankle booties are super cute, super trendy and super affordable.  Ordering them now...!