I'm a Klutz and Need these Joe's White Jeans

If anyone knows me, they know I trip when there's nothing around.  I spill things on me although I think I'm getting a little better with age.  But now, I don't have to worry about it anymore.  Joe's Jeans has created a super cute, white skinny jean (and it comes in other styles) which is made out of a material that repels water, coffee, soda and wine.  Inconceivable! (in the vein of "The Princess Bride")  This particular style, which I must get, is the Annie Skinny Jean.  Amazing, is all I can say. 

 There is a small disclaimer on the site which reads as:

NOTE: This garment will not repel pigment based colors such as lip gloss, makeup, nail polish, paint or other products of a similar composition and nature. The expected longevity of the treatment is approximately 20 home washes when being washed with a mild liquid detergent on normal wash cycle and low tumble dry settings. Do not use bleach. Dry clean safe.

But hey, enjoy for at least 20 home washes, if not more...stain-free!! OBSESSED!