Heard of Roots? They Give Back Canada-style

I've just returned from spending the Thanksgiving weekend in Toronto. Yes, I know, I spent it in a land that does not celebrate Thanksgiving the same time us Americans do. However, my family banded together and we feasted on a bird and all the fixings. 

On my last day there before I was catching my evening flight home, we hung out at the super fancy Yorkdale Shopping Centre where I stumbled upon a very cool Canadian store called Roots. Ironically, both of the founders are Americans but fell in love with the Algonquin Park as kids and later moved to Canada. (Sounds like a plan to me - more on that later...!) This was the perfect store as I had to find some friends some authentic Canadian duds. They have the best cabin wear, hats, sweatshirts, bags - you name it. And they do their very best to try and maintain a "made in Canada" ethic although they've had to outsource more in the later years. 

I really liked how involved they were in giving back to communities. The list is long and impressive as they cover categories from environmental to children and the community. Locally, they've support special programs for Toronto's Hospital For Sick Children and Make-A-Wish Foundation of Canada. On a more global level, they've helped raise funds for the tsunami victims in Asia and have been a long time supporter of Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. 

So, the next time you're in Canada, check out this fun store...or just check it out online and know that you're giving back by a single purchase with this great company.